Vision and Mission

Our Objectives, Vision & Mission


The primary aim of education is to form the human person, especially the young rooting them firmly in truth peace and justice. Moral education program is one of the main components of our education.

Our Objectives

The School provides each student with the best education possible based on the fundamental human values.  Each student is helped to develop a wholesome personality for the which due emphasis is given in the curriculam for intellectual, physical, moral and spiritual growth.  A sense of social awareness and responsibility is created in a growing child, making him /her self-reliant.  The programme of education implemented in this school aims at forming fine human persons and worthy citizens for our nation, who are committed to the sublime values of our nation.

Our vision is to educate poor people at their empowerment.

Through the years we have evolved ourselves to not only to fulfill our vision but also to realize the aim of this institution which is therefore not merely to impart a secular education but also to inculcate spiritual and moral values in the minds of the pupils. We believe that ‘Good education is joint efforts of the school and the home.’ Moreover we give equal importance to virtue and science as well.

Mission Statement
By the next three years, the school will create an environment to enhance extra reading among students and make them aware about the changes among them.